Way back in 1919 when the spirit of nationalism was gaining momentum in India, a young lawyer decided to follow his dream… a dream that would take him away from his traditional family law practice to establish industry; what the late Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru called ‘the temples of modern India’.
Believing that economic development is the secret of a nation’s strength and to harness it, business potential had to be properly channelized, Mr. CM Kothari ventured into capital markets and stock broking. The Madras Stock Exchange, of which he was the Founder-President, exemplifies his pioneering spirit.
In 1936, he established Madras Safe Deposits Company Ltd which was the first and largest safe vault company in the Private Sector in India. Today, Kothari Safe Deposits Ltd (as it is known now), with 5 vaults and over 10000 customers, stands testimony to people’s belief in his enterprise and vision. One business activity followed another and soon inroads were made into Sugar and other industries.
Inspired by his father’s vision, Mr. HC Kothari, the patron of the Group took upon himself the challenge of nurturing these fledgling businesses. His farsightedness is revealed in the setting up of the chemical manufacturing facilities of the Group, thereby tapping the tremendous potential of an industry which had good prospects then and a great future now. He was the Sheriff of Madras and his concern for social welfare, education and national and international matters was no less than his commitment to high standards of business.
In a vastly changed scenario with India on the upsurge, Mr. BH Kothari with his quiet determination, infectious enthusiasm and global perspective lead the HCK Group on its journey towards excellence. Inspired by the vision of his predecessors, he was deeply committed to environmental preservation and engaged in numerous socio-economic development activities specifically for the rural sector.
The HC Kothari group currently operates businesses grossing about USD 100 million, under the leadership of Mr. Arjun B Kothari. With the support of an 800-strong committed team and countless stakeholders, the Group is moving forward to establish a global leadership position in each of its businesses.

Our Mission 

“To establish a leadership position in our chosen businesses by exceeding customer expectations, by providing employees a productive and enjoyable work and family environment, and by delivering superior returns to our shareholders”


Corporate philosophy

Our intent is to stay focussed and establish a leadership position in each of our businesses globally.


Our guiding principles

  •   Care for customers and employees
  •   Create a culture of sharing and openness
  •   Utilise technology to facilitate information flow
  •   Invest in environmental protection
  •   Establish complementary joint ventures and partnerships
  •   Promote community health and education



The Future

As long as innovation, excellence and meaningful growth are values worthy of attainment, we shall march on inexorably in their pursuit, towards a better, brighter, happier tomorrow