Way back in 1919 when the spirit of nationalism was gaining momentum in India, a young lawyer decided to follow his dream… a dream that would take him away from his traditional family law practice to establish industry; what the late Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru called ‘the temples of modern India’.


Well equipped to manufacture sugar from both Sugar cane and Raw sugar.


  Well equipped for Generation of power from Bagasse and Coal.

The distillery unit well equipped to produce Anhydrous Alcohol, Extra Neutral Alcohol and Rectified Spirit.




Bio-Compost - Soil Meals (Organic Manure)
 As part of the effluent treatment system, bio-compost is manufactured as a value added  product with press-mud and distillery effluent. The distillery effluents are converted into nutrient rich organic manure called `Soil Meals’ and this is used in the fields by our cane  growers as manure.

 KVIS is the name of polyisobutylene produced by Kothari Petrochemicals. It is a linear polymer of isobutylene of different molecular weights and possesses excellent  resistance to oxidative and thermal degradation. Our product ranges are KVIS 10, KVIS 20, KVIS 30, KVIS 100, KVIS 150, KVIS 200 and PIB R-01. Polyisobutylene is chemically inert, hydrophobic and  impermeable to water vapour or gas. Our specialty lies in making it completely transparent.
Safe Deposit Lockers on hire

We are in the business of renting out safe deposit lockers. With an unblemished track record of 85+ years, we enjoy the trust of customers since generations and operate seven vaults in Chennai city with a capacity of nearly 14000 lockers.